Thursday, December 10, 2009

Remembering Aunt Caudie

Today my Aunt Twila (who from the time I was 2 I called Aunt Caudie because I couldn't say Twila) would be 68? I am remembering her today with laughter and tears, laughter because she was the funniest person I knew and tears because I miss her. For those of you who didn't know her, she had a knack for cracking you up. One of my favorite memories was when I was about 11 years old I had gone to California to visit and while I was there my appendix burst, that part wasn't funny but I had a tummy full of stitches and she came to see me after the surgery and I had to have the nurses make her leave because it hurt too much to laugh and she didn't know how to not be funny, she didn't have to say anything and I would laugh. I am so glad my kids got to know Aunt Twila whom they will only remember as Aunt Twiller because of one of her hysterical stories about a phone solicitor who got her name wrong, I can't talk about her to them without that story coming up. I miss you Aunt Caudie and I know you are dancing and singing in Heaven with Gram and Uncle Rick and Sammy and all of the others who have gone before us, I love you and I know we will laugh together again someday. XOXOX


  1. Thanks for remembering mom, Love. Glad you are blogging again.

    So sorry to hear about Guy-Guy. Hope he is doing better. Yeah, he's a maniac all right! Poor fellow. Your kids are beautiful.

    I will blog more, too, in Jan when I'm off work. Please keep it up here.

    Thinking of you with love,
    ox rick

  2. Thanks Love! Mom would have been 67 today...

    A way to remember:
    Gram was born in 1922
    Mom was born in 1942
    I was born in 1972

    Therefore, in each calendar year, we all turn the same last digit. You know what I mean?

    In 2009, I turned 37, Gram would have been 87, and now Mom would have been 67.

    Next year, we all get an 8 at the end of our ages... :)

  3. Aww..I love your memories of mom!..Thanks for sharing them Love'e..She so cracks me up too..oh my..lets not get into flipping a liver or broken legs and driving backwards...Nope..Don't get me started!..hahahahhahahahah oxoxoxoo and with that, it's still as a lemon round here! :)