Monday, November 30, 2009


Every year for about 8 years now The guys in our family get together on Thanksgiving morning to play flag football, most recently though because of previous injuries during turkey bowl my husband Gary has sat this year out. But these guys range in age from 9 up to 48 (not recommended). Usually a good time is had by all but unfortunately this year did not go without a serious injury. My brother guy was hurt in a collision with my oldest son Cody, he was initially knocked unconscious only briefly to open his eyes and realize he could not move, after laying there for several minutes he was able to move his legs and then eventually his arms and the rest of his body. Like the crazy man that he is he drove several kids home and then drove himself to the hospital where he remained on a backboard until around 5:30 pm. He is still having significant pain and he has trouble using his right arm. We would appreciate your prayers for Guy as we pray for a full recovery. I am putting in some pictures of the times of turkey bowl before the event was ended with Guy's injury.