Thursday, March 5, 2009

Moms Bragging Moment

Hey all I had to take a minute to brag. My oldest son Cody was selected to be on the Newspaper Staff at his school this year. We are so proud of him his first article made the front page story along with his photo that he took to go along with his story. I included a couple of pics.

Walking to the Extreme

Okay, much to my dismay my cousins are encouraging me that a blog is not a blog unless you post things almost daily. I guess it wasn't good enough that I actually figured out (after being told step by step by my younger cousin Amy) how to post a couple of pictures, I figured that was pretty good, heehee, not so. My cousin Ricky said just say anything so i will tell you the story of my walk with my friend Joannie on Monday. Joannie and I have been walking for about 3 weeks now and we have decided we would walk hills, we were just completing our big Monday hill that I have come to hate, but none the less we made it to the top. There was this tiny little chain blocking the road and believe me clearly plenty of room on each side if you chose not to lift your leg to walk over it. PHHH why would I who has been in the Marines be afraid of a tiny little chain that a toddler could step over, I'll tell you why I am 45 and a Clutz and I though I didn't think it was possible bellyflopped as if I was diving into the pool and yes I did not hit the ground once but about four times. It is now the fourth dow out from this fall and I have many body parts that scream "if you ever attempt something like that again you may as well lay there and wait for the ambulance to come cause we aren't going to continue to be there for you". There you go ladies theres my first post. :)