Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cody's Newspaper Awards Night

Cody had a Newspaper awards ceremony last night where he recieved Kudo's for working so hard. They also gave out Spoof awards and no suprise to us who know Cody, he got the person with the Best Taste In Food (He loves his food). I think Cody found his niche, he had alot of fun being a reporter for the school paper and he will continue next year, look for more bragging from a very proud Momma. The picture is of Cody and his Teacher.

Our 17th Anniversary

Gary and I celebrated our 17th year of marriage on June 13th, who would've thought? Where does time go? We went to a very nice restaurant called Palisades in Magnolia, we were joined by Gary's parents who by the way are celebrating their 50th this July. We had a really wonderful evening.